Sage Leaves, crushed for infusions


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Sold by the ounceThe Latin name for sage is Salvia, which means, “to heal”.
Many cultures believed that sage was the key to long life. The Romans
associated Sage with immortality if sage is eaten daily in May. The Chinese use
sage for memory enhancement in TCM for Alzheimer, and concentration.  Need sage advice? Boost your wisdom by adding
sage to your favorite recipes, especially rich fatty meals, and navy beans.Sage has been used in ceremony, celebrations, medicine, and
culinary.  Sage in a tea with lemon for grounding,
hot flash a gargle for throat, mouthwash, hair dye, bath, and on and on. In some spiritual practices smudging with sage are used to
purify the body, and space in ceremonies.
Sage is also used in magic works for protection and granting of wishes.
Sage will also alleviate one in mourning of a loved one by burning it at the
time of the funeral.

An old proverb: why should a man die if he has sage in his

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