Ainu is an indiginous tribe that once lived happily in Northern Hokkaido Japan

My name is Peony Waro, I was born in Japan to a half Ainu mother and a father of Irish Descendant. I am a direct descendant of the Indigenous Ainu Tribe of Hokkaido. I am a Inkarkur (clairvoyant) with strong spiritual connection to my ancestor who lived in the 18th century. One in particular my great grandfather, an Ainu Shaman Priest Waro Betta. (Betta is an Ainu term meaning Priest.) My grandfathers ancestors originated from the northern Sakhalin island, he was a Nivkh Ainu. He migrated to the southern end of the island before being deported to Hokkaido. My grandfather was a horse Shaman born in Hidaka Biratori. They possessed healing powers thorough their hands and connection with spirit. My grandmother adopted into the Ainu family learned many native skills such as Herbalism and healing with food. Many mystical practices were also performed to the good of many.

My great uncle performed traditional Bear Ceremony yearly called Iomante. From my ancestors, I receive this valuable gift as a messenger,  and healer, to gather information between the human world and the world of the Kamuy (spirits) as well as the world of plant spirits.

Shamans of Asia: 
Shamanism is part of the indigenous Ainu religion and Japanese religion of many groups of Shinto. 

The Ainu people, believe that everything in nature has a Kamuy  (spirit ) on the inside, of the most important Kamuy is Kamuy Fuchi, she is the goddess of the hearth or fire. KimUn Kamuy the god of the Bears and the mountains, and Repun Kamuy the god of the ocean and all the live with in the sea.  

The Ainu have a village chief, one that performs many ceremonies by making prayers and offerings to the Kamuy using special implements made of willow sticks and rice wine.

Thanks to the gods before eating is a very important part of life, and prayers to the fire goddess in time of sickness are performed. 

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