Anjel Craig

I had a shamanic session with Peony a few weeks back and still think about how powerful it was. She helped me gain closure from a recent and unexpected death of my uncle who I was not on speaking terms when he died. During her session I cried because of what an emotional and spiritual catharsis it was. Peony is very powerful and I recommend her services for those in need of guidance from the spirits.

Ben Colliver

I signed up for a 30 minute shamanic session with Peony Prashanti.  I enjoyed driving through the oak savannah to Peony’s property.  I felt an almost mystical awe at how the sunlight broke through the mist to reveal the landscape.  Peony is directly descended from an Ainu priest.  I made an offering to the ancestors.  Peony asked about my intentions and made me to feel comfortable.  She drummed to induce trance.  In this state she was a conduit to channel Baba and her ancestors.  I asked direct questions about the most significant concerns in my life.  Peony relayed answers that were surprisingly specific.  More importantly the answers were given in a warm way, like blessings that engendered trust and perfect benevolence toward everyone involved.  I feel grateful.

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