Plantain Leaves, crushed


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Plantain:  one of the nine sacred Herbs, is an old English Charm of the 10th century AD.
The charm is intended for the treatment of poisoning and infection, made into a
salve, poultice, or other. Plantain male or female has its own qualities.  The male is the long narrow plant
Lanceolata.  The feminine plantain major,
resonates with venus, an earth element plant used to strengthen, heal and
protect.  Plantain is rich in calcium,
and vitamins K.  She is astringent which
helps to dry up the excess, aid in ulcers, IBS, and internal hemorrhoid relief.
Traditionally plantain was used in Asia to treat liver disease and stomach
disorders. Apply crushed plantain to insect bites for instant relief,
poison ivy, rash and burns.Plantain is delicious in soups, salads, and stirs fry and
drank as a tea, with a bit of bitterness to it.

Thank you , King Alexander the Great (who discovered this
herb and brought it back with him from his journeys)  

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