Mugwort Smudge Summer Solstice


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 Special energy in these Smudge sticks. They were harvested on the summer solstice. Why? let me tell you. During that time, the energy is at its peak Yang meaning, everything after that becomes Yin, as we approach a going down dark cold energy. Smudging with this particular smudge helps to rid unwanted yin energies in the home. Most negative energies are yin, cold, and dark.  

I CANT FIGURE OUT THE SHIPPING PER WEIGHT. its crazy to get one 10.00 stick and pay for shipping unless your getting other items.

sooooooo if you you get 3 or more sticks, I’ll send them FREE ship to USA .You’ll need to  just pay through paypal  and not here on the shopping center, and message me on instagram or facebook.

sound good?

7 in sticks


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