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Masculine action herbs, yet very feminine, making this a good yin yang balanced herb. He is associated with Mercury, with the element of air.

The color purple is also recognized being located in our crown chakra, the energy center that is of the highest purpose and connection to spirit. Lavender has the highest frequency of all the herbs to invoke love and fertility, up lifting for those in need of happiness. Lavender calms the heart, brings happiness, love, peace and good sleep. 

Add lavender to your bath, to relieve tired muscles, add some to your tea to balance the bitters, and pungent at the same time, making this an excellent herb to add to sweet foods. 

The Roman soldiers had their clothes washed in lavender water, to rid the smell of sweat. 

In many places of worship lavender was strewn on the floors of the entrance to avert evil spirits from entering. 


Contains Some greenery