Summer Full Moon Mugwort picking day

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The full moon in June is at her peak, A very yang time and the best time to pick the tips of the Mugwort. During this time the medicine is at her yang peak, no other time like this, then gradually as days pass, she will become yin . 

The yang Mugwort tips will become medicinal  tea, for many yin ailments of the body. You are welcome to come assist me in this annual event as a collective ladies day,  Later we will roll Mugwort sticks and grind some for Moxa making.

You will receive Mugwort gifts from me in trade. 

please email me and confirm that you would like to be part of this with me this year. I have always picked the tips solo.

  No more than 4 will be allowed to partake. I will need your promise and commitment to be here.  

DATE: June 23 2021

TIME: 11:00

PLACE: Blossoming Lotus Herbs Elmira

COST: love