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Dew of the sea. Male in nature ruled by the sun with a fire element.

The herb of remembrance, the unforgettable, braided into your hair to enhance memory. Mourners will toss sprigs of rosemary into the graves of loved ones as a symbol of remembrance.  Dab rosemary behind your ears when job interviewing, this makes a lasting memory.

Christian folklore says, Mary spread her blue cloak (color of rosemary flowers) over a rosemary bush to dry while they were on their way to Egypt.

Rosemary has been used to decorated homes and places of worship for centuries, to ward away evil spirits and to prevent nightmares.  During middle ages, one would carry a twig of rosemary to protect one from the evil eye. Plant rosemary’s to attract fairies, along with black berry bushes, to bring good energy to the home.

Plant a rosemary bush on your wedding day together and watch it grow fortune for the family.  Woven into a wreath worn by the brides on her wedding day is said to bring a happy life. If a man dislikes the scent of rosemary he is unable to give true love to a woman. Let’s plant some rosemary ladies!

Place sprigs of rosemary in your drawer to repel moths, used as a hair rinse, covering grey and to stimulate hair growth.

In the kitchen add rosemary to your favorite potato dish, toss with greens or in your spring salad mix.