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Mugwort, a sacred herb associated to the Goddess Artemis, and the element of earth, and the moon. She is feminine and ruled by Taurus or Libra. Mugworts uses are many, in smoking, smudging, divination, dreaming, culinary, healing and protection.

Bitter in nature, aiding in the liver to get the juices flowing, mugwort is an ideal herb to complement an oily dish. Have a cup of tea to help with flatulence, stomach acid, bile production and overall digestion and as a nightcap before bedtime, as mugwort also has nerve-soothing properties. She might even bring you some lucid dreams.

Mugwort is great at ridding the body of parasites, candida, Staphococcus aureusBacillus typhiB. dysenteriae, streptococci, E. coliB. subtilis, and pseudomonads. WOW!

Mugwort rich in calcium and magnesium required by strong healthy bones is by using mugwort vinegar. Pour this vinegar over salads or grains, or a tsp in some hot water to sip.

Asians mix mugwort into sticky rice, or fried like a pancake, stuffed into tofu and other soupy dishes for holidays and ceremonies.  

During labor mugwort would be tied to a woman’s thigh who was in labor to ease the pain, but removed immediate afterbirth.

Smudge sticks made of mugwort have been used in cultures to protect and purify the space. Moxa used in acupuncture helps to move the chi and fill the void. The almost human herb has many beneficial uses.


Large amounts and prolonged use of mugwort can cause nervous and liver damage. Mugwort is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women.

Mugwort’s flowers contain pollen which can trigger hay fever symptoms in those susceptible. Contact dermatitis has been reported by some.