Summer Full Moon Mugwort Tea TIPS SOLD OUT till Summer


Summer Solstice Tea


These are the TIPS of the Mugwort herb, picked on the FULL MOON on summer solstice.

During the full moon the gravitational force is pulling away from earth towards the tips of the Mugwort, concentrating her energy making your tea more potent. I pick them one by one, and dry them carefully not to destroy the leaves. This process takes 6 weeks.

Mugwort, the universal herb for healing almost anything. Mugwort tea calms the nerves, relaxes a tired body, detox the liver, aids in digestion, promotes good sleep and dreams. Have a cup after dinner or at bed time.

*During packing some leaves may have come apart from the stem, but still the power is still intact. 

HALF ounce bags, limited to HALF ounce ONLY.

A few springs in a tea pot is powerful.

*Packaging may have changed.


*Grown in Elmira Oregon, chemical free, and processed in a certified kitchen.

*Packaged in my wheat free kitchen. 

Pregnant woman should not consume this tea.