• Japanese porcelan Elite Tea Set


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    This porcelan  tea set from Japan is an original with the artist signature on  the bottom. 4 cups with lids and the pot has an internal strainer.

    Tea pot is called Kyusu and tea cups are called Yunomi.. This tea pot is called Uwade no Kyusu, "top hand tea pot" and is usually made for  serving many people. 

    There are 4 basic tea pot shapes different types of handles on tea pots, some are on the side, some are on the back of the tea pot, like the chinese tea pot, great for Chinese or English tea,  and some on the top with a bamboo handle. some have no handle which is for low temperature green tea. All serving  a specific purpose.

    the cups here have lids. Lids serve as a decoration when serving guest, as well as keeping the heat in longer. Fancy.

    this tea cup is white off white on the inside, making it the perfect cup for green tea, able to show its vibrant colors. 

    the reason why Japanese tea cups do not have handles is because, if its to hot to hold, its to hot to drink. 

    I was once married to an amazing man, who I live with in Indonesia for 10 yrs. we were going to retire in japan and build a tea house. He wanted to be the coffee master, I wanted to be the tea master.  We started collecting cups and tea pots for our dream, however,  Our plans didn't work out, and he got ill, so did I. Our plans fell apart, we were torn apart to live apart. The collection would like to be in your kitchen now, for you to enjoy, as much as we enjoyed my hunt for them. A collection from SE Asia.