Shamanic Sessions


Shamanic sessions:

Most sessions are  one hour . By phone call live or a recording will be emailed to you. Please email me with your concerns.

many folks have concerns about money, love, work, family

During your sessions, live by phone or by recording,  I  will address the following to help you to the best i can.

1.  Meet your Power Animal

Most people like to assign an animal themselves, but it is best to have the Shaman bring it back for you to introduce this Animal to you. The Shaman while in trance will see the appropriate Animal that will help, guide, and assist you in your growth and protection. You can have many for different reasons. 

2. Meet your Ancestral Spirit Helper

Here once again, the Shaman will meet with your Ancestral Guide through my guide to connect you with him/her.

Many people like to connect with a spirit they believe are their helpers, however…. not all Ancestral spirits are benevolent. The Shaman is skilled to recognize through their guide who is your true helping spirit. 

Also….De-possessions, Soul retrievals can be achieved however you will need to be here. Summer August 2022 will be open outdoors

I am a direct descendant of the Indigenous Ainu Tribe of Northern Hokkaido. Please see my bio for more information 

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