Feng Shui Consultation Full house


I use the flying star compass method. I locate the stars which bring good and negative chi to the dwelling and apply the cures or the necessary items to capture the chi of the stars. There are 3 levels to this to this application. The meeting is roughly 3 hours. 

1. To locate the stars accordingly based on the formula

2. Set the intentions in place for the 20 year cycle

3. Apply the elements in place to each section.  

In addition:   conduct the yearly feng shui every  February of the new year which includes a personal reading based on your feng shui number at an additional cost.

outside feng shui is included.

Distance consultation through video can also be accomplished now due to covid. You will be asked to draw a map of your home or business, and email it to me for analysis. 

See Time Feng Shui

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