Shamanic Classes (basic)
4 classes 2 hours each
learn the basic on becoming a Shaman

Cooking Session

Individual - $50.00 (2 hrs)

Package of 4 classes $175

One class each in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

I specialize in a plant based healing diet for your body type. Sessions are usually 2 hours,  with you traveling to my kitchen. I supply all the ingredients, and recipes are included.  I emphasize on the changing seasons, changing the diet philosophy. Eating locally to harmonize with your environment. Balancing meals are very important for optimal health.  All ingredients are free of wheat Gluten, in my gluten free kitchen.

Feng Shui Classes

Individual - $200.00 (4 hrs)

Learn about your home and which direction it is sitting, using a feng shui compass.

Locate where Auspicious and inauspicious sectors/stars are and how to harness or apply the appropriate cure for the 20 year star cycle.

Learn to apply the elements of nature to each section of your home.

Harness Prosperity, Romance, Happiness, and Success for growth in business and personal life for the entire family. 

Vision Board Class

Individual only-2hours: $30

Student to supply their own 

based on the individual birth chart

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